Wednesday, August 3, 2011


After elementary school, my mother wasn't much for giving birthday parties.  But for some reason, when I turned 17 my senior year of high school, she decided that I should have a nice party.

Even though my birthday fell right after Thanksgiving and she had cooked the full Thanksgiving meal, she put on a sit down dinner for me and several of my friends.  She did all the cooking, baking, serving and clean up for the evening.  I think that I had requested another Thanksgiving dinner so she had to repeat the meal that she'd prepared just a few days before.

My mother set a beautiful formal dinner table, complete with centerpiece, silverware and china for eight teenagers.  My friends and I were all in our Sunday best.  For my birthday, my mother had made me a cranberry colored velveteen skirt and a pink blouse out of a satin like material.  I felt pretty special being the honored guest wearing my new outfit. 

Even though my mother did a lot of entertaining for her group of friends and for holidays, this was the only time that I remember her doing something special like this for my birthday.  It was a wonderful evening.

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