Monday, January 30, 2012


In search for something else, I came across these pictures.  I could go back through earlier posts and add each to the ones that are applicable, but this is easier.  All of these pictures were taken the last time I was in Virginia...I think it was in the late 1990s.  I can't remember the exact year.  Maybe one of my brothers or sisters remember because we were all together on that trip.

Virginia Avenue House  
This is where my parents were living in 1946, the year I was born.  Back then the house had a porch all the way across the front.  The trim was white

View from the side  

6801 29th Street North

This is where I lived for 14 years.  Back then the house didn't have shutters or a red door.  The house was torn down not too many years later and replaced with a big two story McMansion.

Tuckahoe Elementary

I started first grade at Charles A. Stewart Elementary.  Tuckahoe was constructed when I was in the third grade. I attended fourth through sixth grade at Tuckahoe. Back then, Stewart and Tuckahoe operated with one principle and was known as Stewart-Tuckahoe.  At some point in time, Stewart was closed and torn down..

On the steps of the grand, colonial chapel

My sister and I also made a stop by the chapel of our youth at 1600 Inglewood Street.  It was pretty much as I remembered except the front doors are different and there had been some remodeling of the building inside.

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